Best Education Apps

10 Best Education Apps For Students As students continue to embrace technology in their studies, there is undoubtfully a number of applications that are important for students. This article gives a highlight of to most important apps for students.

1. TED (iOS and Android)

This application helps students to listed to talks by the most inspiring people in their lives. There are several topics that are discussed, covering science, business, technology and music, amongst others.

2. Drop box (iOS and Android)

This application helps the students to transfer large files, such as textbooks and presentations, from devise to devise. It also helps them to keep documents, videos and photos in one easily accessible place.

3. Khan academic (free iOS)

This application contains educational videos that help students to learn almost about anything in the world. It covers math, humanities and languages.

4. Oxford Dictionary of English T (Android)

This application helps students to finesse their English, mainly by providing the meaning of words and how they are used in English language. It contains completely revised and updated vocabulary, with over 350,000 words.

5. Math Alarm clock (iOS, Android)

It helps students to keep time. The alarm goes on until they are able to solve a number of math problem, hence jumpstarting their day.

6. Digg (free iOS and Android)

This application helps students to keep up with the latest news in education, such as politics, science and art.

7. Wolfram Alpha (iOS and Android)

This is an application that helps students with mathematics. The application helps students to solve mathematical problems without necessarily having to carry formula sheets and other math notes around.

8. Cliffnotes (free iOS)

This app helps students to study literature tests on their mobile devises. Students can revise past tests as they prepare for coming tests.

9. TapQuiz Maps World Edition (Android)

The app helps students with world geography. Students can learn about countries and other physical features.

10. Science Glossary (iOS)

This app provides an index of the most commonly used scientific names and terms. It also has an explanation of the entries and helps students in research.